Formally trained as a Graphic Designer and Visual Communicator, my practice focuses on modes of display and representation. While my formal profession as an Exhibition Designer allows me to work within the most pragmatic aspects of this subjects, my personal extends this through the conceptual exploration of topics related to media and its relational value to society.


Under the name, Cerrato–Halls, Jon and I explore ideas about value and living standards in our collaborative practice, which extends to exhibitions, talks and writing. This collaboration started while studying Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art.


Commissions and collaborations welcomed.



☟ Exhibitions




Jan – Mar 2018, Watermans Arts Centre, London


A group exhibition exploring narratives challenge our way of viewing the world.


In collaboration with Jon Halls




Book Test Unit

Mar 2017, Hockney Gallery,

Royal College of Art, London


Pop-up group exhibition themed after the “future of books”.





Jun 2016, Hockney Gallery,

Royal College of Art, London


Site-specific Installation in

tackling the subject of plastic contamination in the ocean.


In collaboration with Jon Halls and Doonam Lee.




The Common Room

Jun 2016, Hockney Gallery,

Royal College of Art, London


Group exhibition in relation to the subject Economiesand Ecologies.


In collaboration with Gene Chen, Joshua Davidson, Jon Halls, Arjun Harrison-Man, Simon Knight, Doonam Lee, Vinny Montag, Benjamin Redgrove, Sarah Sajid, Wei Shen and Chourouk Zarkaoui




Homegrown Festival

Mar 2016, Battersea Arts Centre,

London (UK)


Invited to participate in the event/exhibition organised by the Young Producers.




The Other

Mar 2016, Royal College of Art, London (UK)


Group exhibition with the Feminist Society (RCA).


In collaboration with Seohye Lee




The Promise:

Designing a New Reality

Nov 2014, Arnolfini Arts Centre,

Bristol (UK)


Part of the curation team and group exhibition.



☟ Writing



Parallel Channels

April 2019, published by House of Common Affairs, London


Speculative article written for the journal The Fourth State Utopias, that deals with global communication channels and their impact on information consumption.

Shaping Understandings of Values

Feb 2019, Issue n. 8: Soft Power, Schloss – Post, online


A critical essay that explores how can art initiate the transformation of societies beyond economic values.


In collaboration with Jon Halls

☟ Events Organisation



RED TAPE: Event Series

– Organisation

May 2016 – Jun 2017, Hockney Gallery,

Royal College of Art, London


A collection of events that consisted primarily of debates aimed to engage in conversation in relation to art, ethics and sustainability in the current technological sphere.


In collaboration with Ben Cain, Joshua Davidson, Jordan Gamble, Jon Halls, Arjun Harrison-Man, Benjamin Redgrove and Chourouk Zarkaoui

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