Jaione Cerrato

+44 [0] 7733 408319

  • Visual Communication student at the Royal College of Art (2015-17), freelancer and part of the student led forum Red Tape.

  • Present is Eternity

    ISTD Membership

    Mixed media print
  • Blast 101

    Collective Publication

    Offset Print
  • Polyphonic Futures

    Research project
    by Veronica Ranner

    Identity and Web
  • The Rite

    The Other (Exhibition)
    with Seohye Lee

    Moving Image
  • Bird Trap

    by Oscar Gaynor
    with Lauréne Ciocco

    Riso print
  • Doing Time

    by Kristian Vistrup
    with Lauréne Ciocco

    Digital Print
  • More?

    with Joseff Murphy

    Moving Image
  • Language Archive

    with Oliber Gabe

    Mix Media Print
  • Do(n't)
    Moving Image
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