Image Station

3D construction, audio (3:18 min.)


Systematic Reading

3D construction,  audiovisual (2:56 min.)


One Day

Audiovisual installation (2:11 min.)



Collage book


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Social media is becoming ever more influential as platforms for information sharing. In this digital world the reader becomes a user, traditional modes of understanding have been altered and through the never-ending newsfeed hierarchy has been removed, so how do we understand this new world of publishing?


A translation through the process of fragmentation poses a question of agency in how we encounter common affairs. News through social media today becomes "incidental" rather than a conscious search.

Influenced by media displays the way in which we intake information is changing. “Systematic Reading” highlights issues around the perception of these narratives through altering the order of a newspaper’s written content.


By following a collage making system, hierarchies and narratives are shuffled to create new ones. This system becomes then an instruction that allows this narrative creation be taken and expanded upon, questioning the subjectivity and incompleteness of narrative construction of the everyday.

How does translation affect to media representation? By taking the images of a newspaper and translating it into a moving image sequence, this video questions the validity of the medium and its possible formatting, beyond the coherence that written content provides.


How can a still image move? How would the editorial image deal with the challenges of time-based mediums? And how can they create narratives within these time frames when simultaneously displayed?

What would it mean to translate behaviours into objects? How can habits inherited from online information consumption transform into an object with a personality in itself?


Within this experimental way of bookbinding, collage is appropriated as technique to bind randomly found books into one physical object. The physicality of this object allow us to further understand how this information can physically behave and creates a demand from the holder to physically control it.

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